Ambient Weather WS-2902A Review

Weather stations are gaining more and more popularity of late and is being used by both academic individuals and common people who wish to possess adequate knowledge about the weather conditions before stepping out. A weather enthusiast collects data pertaining to temperature and rainfall from the weather station apart from tracking weather on a real-time basis. A farmer on the other hand might benefit hugely out of features such as storm alert and lightning detecting which can help him take necessary precautions for his farm.

Such requirements have led manufacturers to come up with superior grade weather stations which can provide precise data for helping with the daily proceedings of people belonging to different demographics. Ambient Weather WS-2902 was introduced by technical experts for serving the requirements of residential weather enthusiasts in a professional manner. Today we are going to take a detailed look at the Ambient Weather WS-2902 by pointing out all its ground-breaking features and analysing its efficiency in your home or office setup.


About Ambient Weather

Ambient Weather gained popularity for offering consumers with weather stations stacked with state-of-art features but without crossing over the affordability parameter. The WS-2902 model also lives up to similar expectations by delighting us with immense features and that too without overblowing our budget.


This 10-in-1 weather station works on W-Fi technology. The weather station comprises of 3 indoor sensors and 7 outdoor weather sensors. Enough said, let’s now take a look at its cutting edge features which are bound to make weather forecasting easier for you.

Solar Power Super Capacitor with Battery Backup

The solar charged super-capacitor power source of Ambient Weather WS-2902 helps in using the lithium batteries during night time in the place of alkaline rechargeable batteries. Lithium batteries as we all know rank pretty high in the department of durability and can keep on working until it reaches the minimum temperature. You can thus be guaranteed about this weather station doing its job unless it reaches temperatures as low as -40 degree Fahrenheit.

Sensor Array

Ambient has taken a cue out of AcuRite for combining all the necessary sensors under a single roof for helping with the installation and mounting process. The pivotal sensors are as follows:

  • Wind Cups
  • Wind Vane
  • Rain Gauge (Self-emptying)
  • UV / Solar Radiation Sensor
  • Bubble Level
  • Thermo-Hygrometer Sensor(for measuring humidity and temperature)
  • Solar Collector.

The sensor has a wireless range spread over 330 feet and is powered by solar panels which can charge the operation of the super-capacitor all along. It is advisable to use backup batteries for receiving accurate measurements in a seamless manner.

Versatile Application

While most of its peer weather stations can measure five to six weather conditions at the very most, the WS-2902 can measure 10 different conditions like wind speed, outdoor temperature, rainfall, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, indoor temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction and UV.

LCD Display

The dark screen of the WS-2902 is filled with vibrant colors and is powered by an AC adapter which paves the path for crystal clear visuals. However, you might be required to seek out expert help before mounting it on a wall coupled with its narrow viewing angle. You should also make sure that the components are positioned within the acceptable range of your homewireless router for establishing easy connectivity over Wi-Fi. Basic information pertaining to rainfall data, wind direction and speed, outdoor and indoor temperature can be gauged from the display console which can also be set to send out high-low alarms.

Superior Connectivity

The superior Wi-Fi of WS-2902 empowers it to wirelessly transmit collected data to the Ambient Weather Network. You can connect the WS-2902 to IFTTT for being used for controlling other external devices like sprinklers, switches, lights and blinds. This can be of great help if you wish for your smart home systems to function based on the predictions of your local weather data. IFTTT also assists in establishing connectivity with other web services like Instagram, Pinterest, Gmail or Facebook.

User Friendliness

The user-interface of WS-2902 can definitely be termed as the best in comparison to its peer weather streaming websites. All you need to do is specify a certain weather condition following which you will be notified through email or SMS whenever a similar weather metrics is reported by the weather station. Users can also easily access Wunderground which is one the world’s largest online weather station hosting service. Updates are sent by the WS-2902 every 60 seconds to the Internet while the refresh time to the console is 16 seconds.

Compatibility With Alexa

The WS-2902 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and can thus help in delivering real-time updates to its users about current as well as past weather conditions depicted by devices in which is installed. For setting up this skill, you will just have to say, “Alexa-what is the weather report from Ambient Weather.” You will immediately be offered with the weather readings of outdoor although you can also ask for indoor readings by telling, “Alexa-please request Ambient Weather on the conditions indoor.” It is also possible to request for reports pertaining to a particular day, month or even year. In this case, you will just have to ask, “Alexa-request Ambient Weather on July month weather,” or maybe “Alexa- request Ambient Weather on yesterdays’ weather.”

Compatibility With Google Assistant

Just like Alexa, the WS-2902 is also compatible with Google Assistant. You can thus easily obtain real-time information from your weather station as well as those developed previously by others which have been installed at the website. Once you are done linking the account, you will have to say, “Hey Google, provide the Ambient Weather…report of the weather.” You will thereby be provided with a weather report of the outdoor conditions and can even gather the indoor weather stats by asking for the same.


WS-2902is an extremely sturdy and well-built model which surely comes in as a surprise amongst its flimsy peers falling under the same price bracket. In most cases, users are left with inferior grade plastic and radiation shield which is placed about the thermometer or hygrometer for obstructing free flow of air which would have otherwise resorted in high and artificial readings.

Miscellaneous Features

  • Temperature and humidity can be measured easily at both an indoor as well as outdoor setup.
  • The vane measuring wind direction is inclusive of a dampener which helps in removing the ill effects of turbulent air flow.
  • Rainfall can be measured pretty easily by tipping the bucket mechanism. You can also be buffered from any sort of false reading related to rainfall even when the weather station sways violently due to fierce winds.
  • The barometric pressure has to be set in a standard manner by using the statistics availed from the weather report of the nearest airport.
  • The WS-2902 can measure the quantum of solar power which reaches earth in watts per square meter.
  • You can be alerted in advance about hazardous weather conditions through its UV light attribute which can buffer you from sunburns and similar perils resulting out of being exposed to the harmful UV rays.
  • The user-friendly network of Ambient Weather helps in monitoring data accumulated from different platforms for providing information on a real-time basis. The expandable animated modules help in viewing thorough information instantly.
  • The data is stored in the web portal of whose user-friendly design assists with easy access of data over different platforms. Both email as well as text alerts are backed up by this website. The server comprises of a convenient timeline which helps in keeping a tab on the triggered IFTTT applets.
  • Real time data can also be sent to ‘’ which assists in controlling the device in a fun and easy manner. You can access the app either through your smartphone, tablet or computer for enjoying seamless service across all the devices.
  • The WS-2902 weather station can be synced with your smart home system. You can thus have your indoor lights turned on as and when it detects lack of adequate ambient lighting.


One of the best things about the WS-2902 is definitely its installation as this all-in-one sensor suite comes mostly pre-assembled so that you can get on with your work almost instantaneously. Even mechanically amateur people can get it all together without facing even the slightest of problems. All you have to do is just attach the wind vane, anemometer and funnel for the rain gauge before being mounted atop the pole at your home or backyard.

The U-bolt mounting bracket has to be slid over the end of a pipe having size of 1-2 inches. You might require to clamp the pipe for fitting it on a post which is manufactured using wood. The outside facing array requires 2 AA sized lithium batteries whereas the indoor facing one needs 3 AAA sized batteries. You can get the entire installation job done in less than an hour apart from the removal of protective stickers and for making a few adjustments here and there. The accompanying user-manual eases out its operation with its understandable language and brief but specific instructions.


Once you are done with the physical installations, you will be required to download and install the accompanying app of Ambient Weather which is available both over iOS and Android portals. Although you cannot view your own weather data using this app, you can centralize data sharing after creating an account in and hooking up your weather station to internet. Other connectivity options given by the website are with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Google Assistant. You will also be given the option of either publicly sharing your data on Weather Underground or going ahead with a more euro-centric WeatherCloud.


The WS-2902 doesn’t provide with any option of accommodating additional sensors. However, this won’t pose as a very big problem as it is meant mostly for home usage. Alternatively, you can purchase separate internet-connected sensors of Ambient Weather and add ‘n’ number of devices to its cloud platform for establishing seamless online connectivity with your station’s data.

  • Has best-in-class feature set which leverages on the benefits of technology.

  • Extremely durable, accurate and easy to set up.
  • Easy maintenance and superior customer support personnel.
  • Can be hooked up to the Ambient Weather Network server for monitoring weather data on a real-time basis through your computer, smartphone, laptop or tablet.
  • Supports sending of texts and emails on the happening of a certain event.
  • Compatible with IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Can work with both metric and imperial units of measurement.
  • Can send real-time wind updates every 16 seconds.
  • Independent alerts can be set for specific parameters pertaining to specific weather metrics.

  • Has limited viewing angle on its display console.

  • Cannot accommodate additional sensors.



With a number of weather stations available in the market, it is difficult to position any one at the numero uno spot. However, the WS-2902 can serve as your ideal choice if you are on the lookout for an affordable weather station having excellent build quality, easy assembly, high accuracy and other feature rich attributes which makes it worth every spent.