Angel Visits: 5 Signs that Archangel Michael Is Around You

Archangel Michael is the Spirit of present age who gets mentioned by name in various religious references. He is a magnificent being of Cosmic intelligence and you can easily connect with Michael even if you are not very religious. He dazzles with incredible divine energy which can help us find a way out when the path ahead seems all bleak and dreary. It is easy to connect with Archangel Michael since his main purpose is to help humanity in dealing with various problems which they face in different walks of life. He is also known to oversee the activation of higher awareness and cognition by drawing power from the supreme energy source – Sun. Archangel Michael is committed towards the growth of humanity by helping them access Christ Light, unlocking clairvoyant perception and increasing vibration.

Michael is also known as the Prince of the Heavenly Host since he oversees the actions of other guardian angels. He assists us either directly or by directing the other members of the incredible light and love of the Higher Realms. Archangel Michael is the Master of Christ Light and a highly evolved spiritual being. You need to approach him with reverence, respect and humility whenever you require support and guidance. He is forever willing to assist those who are willing to evolve into a better version of themselves. However, Michael shouldn’t be compared with a magical genie who can grant all your wishes, no matter how unrealistic they are. Rather he can help you become more aligned towards your ultimate mission and reveal your true possibilities so that you gain confidence of attaining the same.

Michael’s light is extremely powerful and can cut through negativity, distortion, doubt and fear. Whenever you find yourself in profound despair, simply pray for this divine Archangel and he will cut away all fearful bindings with his sword of light. He is not limited by space and time like that of physical beings. As a result, he can extend his helping hand towards multiple people simultaneously while diligently carrying out his duties in the fight against the growing forces of evil. Now we are going to discuss about 5 signs which can help us understand whenever Archangel Michael is in our close proximity.

Hearing a persistent voice which doesn’t fade

If you have been hearing a strong voice ringing inside your head, then chances are high that Archangel Michael is trying to communicate with you. While other Angels bury their messages in mystery, Archangel Michael is known to directly address the issue. His voice is undeniably blunt, bold and loud. He tailors his message in such a way that all sorts of confusion get removed and we are shown a clear path about how to proceed with the next course of action.  Often his voice sounds like that of booming thunder while at times it sounds just like a whisper appearing out of nowhere. Whatever be his voice like, it always carries a message and is directed from a place of profound love and purity.

Noticing heightened tones of purple and blue

Angelic lights usually look like shimmering flashes. However, the highly powerful Archangel Michael is mostly associated with blue and purple lights which can be related with his divine purpose. They represent a shield of protection as these colors are also associated with honesty, truth and calmness, all of which is embodied by this Archangel. If you notice sparkles, flickers or flashes of such colored lights, then the Archangel must be near you. He is deeply connected with the sun and is known to carry the tremendous energy of electrical fire. This increases the likelihood of seeing blueish purple orbs or other geometrical shapes. Archangel Michael connects with humanity via a light grid and people often get to see glimpses of this light grid while trying to connect with Archangel Michael.

Noticing physical signs

The messages sent by Archangel Michael can be both perceived and heard. He empowers people to trust their instinct and decipher the messages by leaving physical signs such as sprinkling of breadcrumbs. Most of us need to see physical signs before believing something and the angels often leave various signs ahead of us for showing us the right way ahead. But the ultimate interpretation depends fully on us. The Divine protector Archangel Michael keeps on sending physical signs reflecting calmness and protection such as feathers until we feel at peace with his message.

Experiencing a warm sensation

People have reported experiencing a tingly and warm sensation encompassing their senses whenever Archangel Michael is in close proximity. This leaves back a feeling of profound peace, satisfaction and joy. At times, you might even feel a paradigm shift in your mood and energy levels towards something more positive. The pictures of Michael show that he is accompanied by a sword on fire and this is often related with the warmth experienced by people whenever the Archangel is around. Some often begin to sweat since the energy feels very bright, uplifting and warm. At times, people feel an orb of light acting as a shield whenever Archangel Michael radiates his protective aura around us.

Running into Michael’s in different facets of life

Have you been coming across the name Michael a lot lately whether on TV or internet? If you have an affirmative answer, then it could be a sign of Archangel Michael letting his presence known. Often people also see warrior or protective imagery at different times and places.

Editor’s Note

Archangel Michael can be thought of as the bodyguard of the Earthly world. He is called upon by people seeking guidance during hard times. This divine angel often swoops into our lives when we are struggling to find peace or finding it difficult to calm our minds following the passing away of a loved one. He is also known to act as our guiding light whenever we face troubles in taking a decision during a crisis scenario. We often call upon Angels for providing us with reassurance and guidance in difficult times. While many Angels reach out and try to establish communication during such troubled times, Archangel Michael can easily make his presence known by revealing the signs listed above.