Best Paddle Board Under $500

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Wont it be lovely if you could cater to the water baby in you by lazing around the summer mornings while dipping your feet in paddle boarding waters!

We bet it would and that is why we have collated a list of five best paddle boards which can suffice people running on a stringent budget.

These full-sized boats can serve you well for all-around paddling while guaranteeing you complete safety and balance.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the determining factors of buying a paddle board and the five best models under 500 dollars.

Things To Consider While Buying A Paddle Board

  • Firmness

This is one of the foremost factors which needs to be kept in mind while buying a paddle board.

A stable board will make it comfortable to stand on the same. Dimensions of the board in terms of its length, width and volume can largely influence its stability.

It becomes easier to balance on it if the SUP has more length, width and volume.

The ideal dimensions of a paddle board are:

  1. Width: 31-33 inches
  2. Length: 10-12 feet and
  3. Volume: 175L for hard paddle boards and 225-240L for inflatables.

You also need to consider a few more factors to guarantee the perfect paddle boarding experience:

  1. Do you wish to carry a lot of gear on board?
  2. Your height and weight.
  3. Your pet’s weight if you wish to tag them along.

As a rule of thumb, the paddle board will require more volume in direct proportion to the weight it is meant to carry around.

Increasing the volume also helps in ensuring a smooth ride as the board glides easily across the water.

  • Versatility

Having a versatile paddle board can open up greater activity options ahead of its users.

While searching for a paddle board online, you can type in keywords such as “Recreational Paddle Board” and “All Around Paddle Board.”

Alternatively, you can easily take your pick amongst the five different paddle boards listed down below.

  • SUP Construction

A paddle board can have either an epoxy or inflatable or soft top construction. Although all these constructions come with their own set of bells and whistles, your lifestyle can have the ultimate role to play in determining the one which is right for you.

An inflatable paddle board can serve you well if you are suffering from space crisis in your house and wish to travel a lot with your board.

These boards also rank higher in terms of durability and does not get damaged even when dropped. Next in line is an epoxy paddle board which is the most agile paddle board variant.

It can provide you with optimum control and glide while offering adequate storage space for all your valuables.

Last but not the least comes a soft top paddle board which can serve as your pick if you are running on a stringent budget and live close to a beach, lake or bay wherein you wish to keep this designated family board.

1. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick)

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with Premium SUP Accessories & Carry Bag | Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck | Youth & Adult Standing Boat


With length of 10 feet, width of 30 inches and thickness of 6 inches, the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board can serve as the ideal solution for learners who wish to try out touring and recreation paddling.

Learners usually seek out the assistance of paddle boats which can help them gain utmost balance as well as stability. SereneLife is manufactured using military-grade PVC material which helps in making the paddle board extremely stiff and hard once it gets inflated.

It makes use of drop-stitch technology for imparting an authentic touch to the board with neat detailing. The SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board comes in four different color choices and the shade difference features on the traction pad.

The hue can be seen covering the entire back portion of the paddle board. 4 D-rings are connected to the deck with a bungee cord while the remaining four can be seen scattered around the sides of the board to help out people trying to use a kayak seat.

You can use the 9th D-ring as a leash attachment on the tail region. The SereneLife Paddle Board features a tri-fin navigation system which helps with a tracking functionality.

When it comes to performance, the SereneLife Paddle Board retains its stability on both choppy and flat water courtesy its wideness. It glides on water with minimal effort and can support the maximum weight of 275 pounds.


  • Inflates and deflates easily to help out with storage solution. You can inflate it within 10 minutes using the accompanying high-pressure hand pump.
  • Central carry handle helps out with its transportation
  • The light weight adjustable paddle can even cater to the requirements of beginners in an effortless way.

2. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards W Free Premium SUP Accessories


This 10.5” long paddle board has gained a wide fan following amongst both amateurs and professionals with its sheer sturdiness and durability.

The lightweight design of this inflatable paddle board makes transportation a hassle-free affair. It is constructed with military grade material which helps in keeping the paddle board inflated over long stretches of time.

Such characteristics make the Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ideal for those people who have a tendency of keeping their paddle board inflated throughout the night.

The board has a thickness of 6 inches and is accompanied with a plethora of accessories ranging from the leash to the paddle, a premium backpack tool, pump and even a waterproof cell. The Roc board features three fins which help in improving its balance to a great extent.

You will thus feel secure even while standing on the same and enjoying the beauty of blue wilderness. Its non-slip deck is ideal for beginners and children who are trying to learn the tricks of trade.

You can carry the paddle board around easily coupled with its central handle which can impart greater security while out in the sea.

The spacious board seems rock hard making it ideal for people who like to try out paddle boarding on different types of water bodies.


  • Increased width and depth helps in supporting 275 pounds on weight without submerging your feet or showing signs of sagging.
  • The 6 Stainless Steel D-rings plus Bungeecan help you store your snacks, sun screens, beverages and other belongings safely on board.
  • The 3 directional fins help out considerably while steering on flat water.
  • Comes with a dual action high pressure hand pump which can help you understand once you reach optimum 15 PSI courtesy its pressure gauge.

3. SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick)

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with Premium SUP Accessories & Carry Bag | Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck | Youth & Adult Standing Boat


Cruising across the water in your spare time with a paddle board can be a truly exhilarating experience.

This is why you need to bring home the SereneLife Premium paddle board featuring a visually pleasing design and winning the game hands down with its stellar performance.

It has a maximum weight bearing capacity of 240 pounds which makes it ideal even for heavy paddlers out there.

The paddle board provides a healthy mix of speed and manoeuvrability with its length of 10.5” which is comparatively longer than most of the paddle boards available in the market. It also offers supreme stability which in turn helps to achieve the right balance with just minimal practice.

The rounded tail of this paddle board makes the ride feel smoother in stark comparison to the squared tail ones which are infamous for making the whole thing seem very chunky.

You can use this all-around paddle board mostly for recreational paddling in calmer waters. Being inflatable in nature makes it possible to fill air inside this paddle board.

This in turn makes it easier to transport and store it easily while travelling. It is lighter than a hard board and requires minimal storage space.

But it can be rock solid on being properly inflated. The SereneLife Premium paddle board is accompanied with a repair kit comprising of a valve wrench which can be used to tighten the valve as and when it becomes loose.


  • A weight of 19.6 pounds helps in carrying the paddle board around easily.
  • Constructed using drop-stitch material surrounded by a dual layered fabric which enhances it durability meter.
  • 4-point bungee storage system assists in the storage of your valuables while paddle boarding.
  • The EVA foam deck pad makes it easy to stand on the board firmly.

4. FunWater Inflatable 10’6×33″×6″ Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels

FunWater Inflatable 10'6×33'×6' Ultra-Light (17.6lbs) SUP for All Skill Levels Everything Included with Stand Up Paddle Board, Adj Floating Paddle, Pump, ISUP Travel Backpack, Leash,Waterproof Bag


Your search for a budget friendly paddle board ends with the FunWater 10’6″ iSUPwhich has already gained a massive fan following amongst amateur users. It has been specially designed to help you enhance your skillset while making waves in the water.

The FunWater paddle board provides a platform which is wide enough to help its users move around and even adjust themselves to their ideal comfort level on the go.

It is imperative to ensure proper thickness of the paddle board as it has a great role to play in determining the overall load capacity.

The FunWater board has a thickness of 6” which can accommodate the maximum weight of 330 pounds on the vessel.

It is constructed using New Ultra Dual Layer PVC making it 35% lighter than peer models. The industrial drop stitch construction helps in pulling together all the PVC layers to prevent all possibilities of mishaps.

Right kind of stitching can impart 10 times more strength to even the thinnest of PVC coats and this very feature brings in major advantages for the FunWater board. Its reliable and anti-skid gripping pad can guarantee you’re a firmer grip while on broad and even assist with hassle-free navigation.

Users can also be seen raving about its all-practical cargo net which can be used for storing personal belongings if you do not wish to leave them at the bay. You can even store your fishing rod and paddle in the cargo net for greater convenience.


  • The nifty central carry handle assists with the transportation of the board when inflated.
  • The tail ring doubles up as a safety leash attachment.
  • Comes accompanied with a plethora of accessories such as waterproof phone case, high pressure hand pump, collapsible paddle, ankle leash and backpack carry bag.

5. Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board

Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board Kit


Gone are the days when you had to rent paddle boards by shelling out huge amounts as the Vilano Journey Inflatable SUP Stand up Paddle Board Kit can be transported easily to your area of activity.

This inflatable stand up paddle board is 6 inches thick, 31.5 inches wide and 10 feet tall. It can help you gain maximum speed on flat water.

You can also bank on the same for long distance paddling as it works best on water bodies having minimal resistance by producing a smooth stable glide.

The body of Vilano Journey is made up of premium grade PVC. It has drop-stitch construction making the board hard and stiff once it gets fully inflated.

It can easily accommodate users having maximum weight of 260 pounds without bending or flexing.

You can also enjoy maximum traction coupled with its diamond grooved anti-slip pad while changing directions or paddling. Its central removable fin can help out with water tracking.

You can even detach it easily while trying to pack the deflated board.

The Vilano Journey comes with a traditional central carry handle which can be of great help both in as well as outside the water. You can easily attach the shoulder strap to the board’s 2 D-rings present on the side rail for availing greater functionality.

Apart from these two, the Vilano Journey has 4 D-rings on the sides, 4 on the front and the last one on the tail acting as a safety leash attachment.


  • Comes accompanied with a high-pressure hand pump which aids in inflating the board easily.
  • The carry backpack makes it easy to carry around the inflatable SUP board.
  • Comes backed with a year’s warranty which can keep your back against all manufacturing defects.

Final Words

You can easily buy a decent paddle board for less than $500 dollars provided you conduct a detailed research of all the available options.

Having multiple PVC layer helps in adding to the overall agility and performance of the paddle boards.You also need to check out the accessories which are being offered by the manufacturer along with the board to benefit fully out of your purchase decision.

Alternatively, you can bank on the list we have provided above to make summer times seem more fun.