Best Wired Doorbell Chimes for Home

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The last thing we wish for our house guests is to have them banging on our front door for announcing their arrival.

Installing a doorbell chime can serve as an excellent alternative if you wish to do something different than have guests knock on your door in the traditional style.

The wired doorbell chimes usually feature a push button which is present at the gate and is connected with the sitting room. In this way, it notifies everyone inside the house about the arrival of guests by a single push of the button.

The market is filled with a variety of wired doorbell chimes, but its sheer abundance can definitely confuse you.

To make things easier, we have come up with a list of five best wired doorbell chimes and the things you need to keep in mind while purchasing them.

Things To Consider While Buying A Wired Doorbell Chime

  • Firstly, you need to consider the brand reputation before choosing a wired doorbell chime. The ones having excellent reputation usually achieve the same by providing customers with knockout products over time. Purchasing from a noteworthy brand can thus keep you protected from chances of much defects going forward.
  • The design of the wired doorbell chime is also extremely important if you wish to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house. In this regards, you need to decide on the size and color of your doorbell chime. White is a universally acceptable color which doesn’t have any problem in blending with the surroundings. You can also go for vibrantly coloured options as per your choice.
  • The kind of sound you are looking for also has a big role to play in shaping your purchase decision. You can proceed with the ones playing a classical melody or simply ding-dong sounds. Alternatively, you can also proceed with the ones playing pre-programmed sounds which can be switched from one to other depending on your mood and the occasions.
  • Warranty provided by the manufacturer is one of the best means of judging the quality of a product. You should thus consider the tenure of extended warranty and the services covered during the same. As a rule of thumb, longer the tenure, better it is for users as they might return the product and even claim a money back in the case of defects.

1. NuTone LA126WH Compact Classic Design Decorative Wired Two-Note Door Chime


The NuTone LA126WH can beautifully compliment your home décor whether you have a special affinity towards classic styles or timeless simplicity.

You can program up to two doors coupled with this wired doorbell chime which features two distinct sounds each of which is meant for a separate door.

The one-note chime is meant for the second door whereas the two-note chime notifies about arrival of guests at the front door.

In this way, you can easily make out the door where your visitor is waiting. The aesthetically pleasing white textured finish of this doorbell chime can add up to the beauty quotient of your house exterior.

NuTone LA126WH is powered to the core by a 16V transformer which can ensure uninterrupted operation which was previously not possible as users had to deal with constant replacement of batteries.

With dimensions, of 2.25″ x 8″ x 6″, the NuTone LA126WH can serve as the perfect addition to your home in a subtle yet sophisticated manner.


  • Compact and classic design which can serve as a welcoming addition to your existing home décor.
  • Separate tones for two doors make it easy to understand exactly where your visitor is waiting.
  • Wired to a 16-volt transformer which ensure its seamless operation without having to depend on batteries.
  • Can take up the place of your present two-note wired door chime without the requirement of any rewiring.

2. Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Door Bell Chime


You can think of the Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Door Bell Chime as a modern-day replacement chime of your traditional doorbell.

It can be used with either one or two doors wherein each of the door gets earmarked with a distinctive chime. While the 1-note melody is meant for the back door, the 2-note melody is meant for the front door.

In this way, you will not be confused about which door to attend whenever you hear the chimes. The sound produced is loud and clear to alert you without causing disturbance for your neighbours.

It is powered by a 16-volt AC transformer which has to be purchased separately. The wired doorbell chime is accompanied with mounting screws which can help out in its hassle-free installation.

Whenever a guest comes to our house, we can build up their solid first impression by greeting them in an elegant style with classy sound.

This is exactly what the Newhouse Hardware CHM1 Door Bell Chime guarantees with its streamlined design which can beautify your house.


  • Very easy to setup by following the instructions laid down in the accompanying user manual.
  • Emits a classic two-tone sound for the front door and a single-tone sound for the back door.
  • Can be used with 16-volt 10 VA and 15 VA transformers which need to be purchased separately.
  • Classic and compact design which can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house.

3. Heath Zenith SL-2735 35/M Wired Door Chime with Sleek Modern Design Cover


Are you on the lookout for an affordable wired doorbell chime which can serve you well with stellar good looks and crystal clear sound? If you have an affirmative answer, then you need to bring home the Heath Zenith SL-2735 35/M Wired Door Chime.

Whether youwish to replace your old door chime or install a brand new one, this aesthetically pleasing doorbell chime can serve you extremely well. This modern looking door chime has been specially designed for hardwired installation.

You can thus use it for one or more doors wherein a separate note is earmarked against a particular door. Such separate notes make it easy to understand which door to answer every time a visitor decides to pay you a visit.

These reasonably priced door chimes can produce a clear sound which can alert you without coming off as too disturbing. The rounded edges of this wired doorbell chime almost disappear when placed against the wall.

Simple wiring and installation of the doorbell chime makes it ideal even for amateurs who can simply follow the accompanying instruction manual for getting started with the same.

For enjoying the classic ding-dong sound, you need to install this doorbell chime vertically. Horizontal installation will emit just a ding sound irrespective of the wiring.


  • Mechanical chime features strikers which emit sound by hitting tone bars.
  • Modern and sleek design can blend in easily with your surroundings.
  • Can be installed easily by following the steps mentioned in its accompanying user manual.
  • Powered to the core by a 16V transformer which can keep the doorbell chime running for long without having to worry about frequent battery usage.
  • Provides a one-note melody for the back door and two-note melody for the front door.

4. Broan-NuTone LA139WH Doorbell Kit, Decorative Wired Two-Note Door Chime for Home


NuTone has already garnered a solid fan following in the market of pushbuttons and chimes. Its latest LA139WH doorbell kit also stands out as another significant addition to its list of ever-growing products.

The traditional style design of the doorbell kit is bound to lure in complements from all your guests every time they set foot inside your premises. It has individual tones meant specifically for two doors wherein the one-note is for the second door and the two-note chime is for the front door.

You can replace your present two-note wired door chime easily with this style and that too without having to invest much time or effort in rewiring activities.

This wired door chime can serve you especially well if you wish to retain old age designs of door chimes. Its excellent design and compact size can ensure a snug fit into the holes which might have been left behind by earlier doorbells.

A 16-volt transformer can power up this door chime and has to be purchased separately. This mechanical doorbell chime emits pretty loud sound which can be easily heard throughout the entire house.

In spite of having a plastic housing, it can blend in pretty well with the surroundings.


  • Mechanical doorbell which is compatible with C915 and C905 models of 16-volt transformers.
  • Features two separate chimes making it easy to answer doors according to the sound emitted.
  • Timeless white textured exterior can easily blend in with your existing décor.
  • You can bid adieu to frequent battery changing requirement by simply wiring it with a transformer which can guarantee uninterrupted service.
  • Dimensions of 38″ x 10.25″ x 6.38″ make it well suited for your home environment.
  • Reasonably priced doorbell chime which can be installed pretty easily.

5. Heath Zenith SL-2796-02 Basic Series Wired Door Chime


Don’t we all wish to welcome our guests with beautiful symphony of sounds every time they set foot inside our house premises! Well the SL-2796-02 Basic Series Wired Door Chime by Health Zenith can make that possible with its pleasing Ding and Ding Dong sounds.

This white hued wired doorbell chime can be used along with hardwired doorbell systems. The flowing line design of this doorbell chime joins hands with its white molded cover for enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

You are bound to receive words of appreciation from your guests both for the subtle look and delightful sound. This doorbell chime can serve you exceptionally well if the batteries of your wireless doorbells keep on dying every now and then making it necessary to invest in costly battery replacements.

The affordable item emits pretty loud sounds which can be heard clearly throughout the house. However, it never becomes too loud for bothering your neighbors if someone decides to pay you a visit past midnight.

The product comes backed with a year’s warranty provided by the manufacturers against all defects which might arise during this time. But for making the most out of this doorbell chime in the form of a crystal-clear ding dong sound, you need to install it in a vertical manner.

Users who have installed it horizontally have complained that it dings just once irrespective of the way in which it is wired.


  • Can be installed easily by following the accompanying instructions.
  • Meant for being used with hardwired doorbell systems.
  • Comes with a year’s warranty.
  • Emits maximum sound of 90 decibels.
  • Can be used with either one or two doors.
  • Features two distinctive chimes making it easy to understand which door to head to.
  • Beautiful white body which can enhance the overall aesthetic value of your house.


The five wired doorbell chimes listed out above can serve you pretty well as you get to benefit out of its core functionality while also garnering compliments from all your houseguests.

These high-quality doorbells feature two distinct types of rings which can be associated with two different doors. In this way, you can easily understand which door to attend to.

So, take your pick amongst any of the five variants listed out above and get ready to blow away the minds of all your house guests from the very moment they set feet inside your premises.