Best Zero Turn Mower Under $2000, $2500, $3000, $4000 and $5000 of 2020

Mowing a lawn is a dreadful task which most of us try to avoid. There are many kinds of lawn mowers available in the market which aim to make the process of clearing up our lawn easier. One of the best kind of lawn mowers that you can find is a zero turn lawn mower.

The problem with traditional lawn mowers is that they have a high turn radius. This means that they need ample of space to make a turn which results in corners of your lawn being left out. This problem can be solved by getting a zero turn lawn mower.

What are Zero Turn Lawn Mowers?

A zero turn mower is a kind of lawn mower which can rotate in a single place. In other words, it effectively has a zero turning radius. This helps in mowing every single corner of your lawn without getting off the mower.

There are a variety of zero turn lawn mowers in the market that you can buy. Each of them have their own pros and cons and you have to read all about them and find out which fits the best for your use case.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best zero turn lawn mowers that you can buy under $5000. We are also going to explain the features, advantages, pros, and cons of each of the lawn mowers so that you can make an informative buying decision.

Best Zero Turn Lawn Mowers Under $5000

1. Husqvarna Z254 Zero Turn Mower


Automatic Choke System

Husqvarna Z254 is one of the best zero turn lawn mowers that you can get right now. It can be used to easily mow huge lawns spanning across multiple acres. It is also one of the preferred lawn mowers that is used by professional lawn mowing services.

The Husqvarna Z254 comes with an automatic choke which makes the process of starting up the mower much easier. It does not require any additional user input to start even if it is kept unused for a long amount of time owing to its automatic choke system.

Cooling Fan & Air Filtration

The Husqvarna Z254 comes equipped with a cooling fan at the bottom just like you would see on a computer. The fan improves the performance of the Husqvarna Z254 by directing the flow of air to the lower deck which allows better movement of grass beneath the mower. This results in a better job done because of the streamlined grass movement. The Husqvarna Z254 also comes equipped with an air filtration system which increases the life of the mower engine by allowing better airflow to the engine.

24 horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine

One of the best lawnmower engines currently are being produced by Briggs and Stratton. The Husqvarna Z254 is equipped with a 24hp Briggs & Stratton V-twin endurance engine which can be said to be the standard engine that is equipped in most of the top tier lawn mowers today. The 24 hp engine allows the Husqvarna Z254 to cut grass quickly and can handle even the toughest of challenges. The Briggs and Stratton engine also has a long life expectancy, so you won’t need to get it replaced soon.

Reinforced Cutting deck

The Husqvarna Z254 zero turn mower comes with a massive 54 inch cutting deck which is made sturdy by using reinforced steel for the construction. This makes the Husqvarna Z254 a durable mower which can perform with good efficiency for a long period of time irrespective of how frequently you use it.

Now that we’ve discussed the characteristic features of the Husqvarna Z254, lets dive into the pros and cons of this zero turn lawn mower.

Key Features : –
  1. Automatic Choke System
  2. Good cooling and air filtration for better performance
  3. 24HP Briggs and Stratton V-Twin Endurance Engine
  4. 54 inches Cutting Width
  5. 5 Gallons Fuel Capacity
Pros : –
  • Powerful 23 HP engine
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Automatic Choke System
Cons : –
  • Grass buildup on the cutting deck
  • Cannot cut horizontally on a sharp slope


2. Ariens 25HP ZTR


The Ariens 25 HP ZTR is one of the best zero turn lawn mowers in the industry. It is a good choice if you have a big lawn or a ground that needs to be groomed or if you are a professional mowing service. It is more of a commercial device than a home use device. It comes with all the features that you would expect from a zero turn lawn mower. The Ariens 25HP ZTR is best suited for conditions where you need to clear out a large lawn in a short amount of time.

25 HP Engine

The Ariens 25HP ZTR, as the name suggests, comes with a 25 HP engine which is one of the highest horsepower engines that we can see in lawnmowers. This makes the Ariens 25HP ZTR one of the most powerful lawn mowers in the market.


Owing to the high horse power engine, the Ariens 25HP ZTR is also one of the fastest lawn mowers that you can find. This results in you clearing out big lawns in a lesser amount of time when compared to lawn mowers with lesser horse power engines.

Large cutting path

The Ariens 25HP ZTR lawn mower has large sized blades which results in a large cutting path for the mower. This means that you will have to drive for less amount of rounds as each cutting path has a large width because of the bigger cutting path.

Fuel Capacity

Another factor that makes the Ariens 25HP ZTR a professional product is the large fuel capacity. This lawn mower can hold up to 6 gallons of fuel at a time. Due to this, you can clear out large fields without refueling the zero turn lawn mower.

Ergonomic Design

The Ariens 25HP ZTR is built with ergonomic design principles in mind. It has an ergonomic design which allows you to operate it for long periods of time without getting tired. This feature is important for commercial usage as one has to sit on the mower for long stretches of time to clear out huge fields.

Key Features : –
  1. 25 HP Engine
  2. 60 inches Cutting Width
  3. 6 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  4. Ergonomic Design
Pros : –
  • 25 HP Powerful Engine
  • 6 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • Fit for commercial usage
  • Can cut thick patches of grass quickly
Cons : –
  • Costly
  • Handling the machine may be difficult


3. Troy-Bilt 25HP 725cc


If you are looking for a zero turn lawn mower but at the same time you are inclined towards a customary lawn mower, the Troy-Bilt 725cc is certainly the lawn mower for you. This machine is an imaginative idea that has the best parts of both, a zero turn pivot lawn mower alongside the effortlessness of a basic conventional lawn mower.

Remarkable Structure

The Troy-Bilt cutter highlights a remarkable structure that gives you much more control on slopes and tough, uneven landscapes. With a 54-inch cutting width and three edges, you will get an even and fine trim for your yard. The machine flaunts a ground-breaking 22 strength Kohler motor.

Powerful Engine

The Troy Bilt 25HP 725cc, as the name suggests, comes with a 25 HP engine which is one of the highest horsepower engines that we can see in lawnmowers. The same engine can be seen in the Ariens 25HP ZTR that is a commercial zero turn lawn mower that we discussed earlier.

A Troy-Bilt cutter is a perfect machine for any private yard, and it is certainly an inventive decision to purchase if it is the case that you need a combo of zero turn and conventional riding lawn mower. You should keep the fact in mind that you may require a back-mounted leaf blower to clear the remaining grass laying on the ground after cutting.

Key Features : –
  1. 35 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine
  2. 54 inches Cutting Width
  3. 8 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  4. Rugged build quality
Pros : –
  • 3 blade cutter results in better trimming
  • Powerful 25HP Engine
  • Can be used to cut on rugged surfaces as well
Cons : –
  • Small 2.8 gallons fuel tank




Husqvarna MZ61 is a great machine if you do a lot of landscaping. This machine can handle very well in long working hours and you will also be able to work in rugged work conditions. It provides comfort to the you at all times. The most outstanding feature that Husqvarna MZ61 has is the 61 inch mowing path so it is a benefit for people those who mow large estates which takes hours to be done with traditional mowers, with this machine you will be able to cut the total number of hours spending on each yard and thereby increasing the total number of customers you deal within one day.

This Husqvarna MZ61 lawn mower comes with a 27-HP (Horsepower) Briggs and Stratton engine which is made of 11-gauge steel and the 61-inch deck which is fully fabricated. Briggs and Stratton engines are one of the leading producers of the engines and they are known for providing engines with optimum power and fuel efficiency. For extra durability, it has been reinforced at the bottom. It comes with a seat belt for extra safety.


The MZ61 is a zero-turn mower with huge power and speed, this engine is highly efficient. Its performance is very strong, it can knock out 3-4 acre of land within an hour. The padded dual levers reduce the vibration and that’s a positive thing. The front of the durable caster wheels measure 6 inches and the back have the specification of 12 x 10 x 10. This machine is highly balanced and it doesn’t slip. The MZ61’s vinyl seat is super comfortable with nice armrests and cup holder. This machine is overall efficient, powerful and fast. The steering wheel and dual levers allow powering across ditches. This machine is designed to start immediately with its choke less start.

Key features : –
  • Comes with a powerful 27-HP Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • 61-inch fully fabricated cutting deck
  • Three-blade cutting system
  • Hydrostatic gear transmission
  • Cutting deck lift which is pedal assisted
  • Wider 6-inch caster wheels
  • Removable foot pan
  • Large 5 gallons fuel tank
Pros : –
  • Starts immediately with the key turn on
  • The 27-HP powerful engine
  • The capability of zero-turn
  • Low vibration
  • Low and reduced noise
Cons : –
  • The durability issues
  • Lots of maintenance
  • No fuel gauge
  • Not stellar on tall grass



The Ariens IKON x-52 is known to be one among the better z-turn residential movers built using commercial parts. This machine is known for its strong build and the wide wheels.

As to utilize, it must be stated that the grip works incredibly, the controlling is very easy to use. The padding on the seat is amazing along with its fuel consumption.

The main features of this machine are:

Commercial styled deck:

The 4 1⁄2 “deep zero turn mower made brilliantly engineered with 10-gage steel ensures optimum airflow output is easy and improves the mower’s capability even under the most challenging conditions. The use of steel makes the mower extremely strong and also helps the blades to work properly.

Deck which is point hanging:

The 4-point hanging style deck gives improved level while cutting like when we are mowing over an uneven surface.

Cut height which is dial operated:

This particular mover gives the option to choose from 13 cutting positions ranging from 1.5 to 4.5. The height is adjusted in quarter-inch increments which is done by a simple turn of the dial.

Complete Tubular Frame:

Ariens recognizes the need for a strong and stable lawn mower, so this Ariens IKON X-52’s design has full-tubular steel frames. The mower can withstand a greater amount of resistance and pressure with these frames when carrying a full load of this machinery.

Powerful engine:

The other big selling point for this lawn mower is its 23hp Kawasaki Engine. This is a 4-cycle professional 90-degree V-twin engine with a V-valve overhead that helps you to properly tame your yard. Because of its automatic compression release, it delivers a high and smooth output as well as the internal vented carburetor coupled with a fuel-shut-off solenoid.

Key Features : –
  • 23 HP Kawasaki Engine
  • 52 inches cutting width
  • 8 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • Built with tough 10 gauge steel
Pros : –
  • comfortable and ergonomic armrests and high seat.
  • The electric ignition.
  • maximum power due to the 23 hp engine.
  • A high optimized control panel.
  • steel guage deck.
  • no turn radius.
  • strong air filtration system.
  • a glass chopper screen.
Cons : –
  • accessories to be bought separately.
  • The wheels easily fall off.
  • The machine does not come with the headlights and you have to spend a bit extra on the LED headlights.
  • This machine comes with a 3-year warranty with services included from the dealers of the company and 5-year warranty for deck and frame.



The response of the swisher ZTR2454BS is fast. Tt is a powerful mower for riding lawns, perfect for large lawns and professional landscapers. Your lawn mower will be powerful and robust with the Stratton and Briggs and engine and the mower will be very easy to use with zero-turn technology.

The ZTR2454BS is as good as a high-end model as it should be. With top speeds of up to 8 MPH and a wide cutting deck, it eats quickly through grass. The engine delivers power smoothly and accurately responds to the control levers, which means acceleration, deceleration and making all feel natural.

Some of the main features of this particular machine are:

54-inch Wide Cutting Deck

You should always test the cutting deck on any riding lawn mower after the driver. The cutting deck is made from manufactured steel and is 54-inch on the Swisher ZTR2454BS Response. It houses three Gator mulching blades that are suitable for mulching for finely-cut grass. The deck is also easily adjusted; you can simply adjust the cutting height with your foot.

Rapid response control system:

It is convenient and easy to handle the Swisher Response riding lawn mower. The mower uses a new version of the Rapid Response control system to use innovative joystick-style controls to operate the mower. They are very user-friendly and responsive to the traditional lap bars.

A large fuel tank means you can move without having to refill for more sessions. The Swisher ZTR2454BS holds up to eight gallons of gas, which is much more than comparable engines.

The Swisher’s other advantage is how fast it is. It goes 8 mph forward and back at top speed. This is quicker (about 6 MPH) than some other mowers. You can move much faster wide lawns.

It’s also easy to move this mower. You can easily turn 360 degrees with the zero-turn technology and maneuver around various obstacles such as trees and flower beds.

A downside to the Swisher is that a lot of fuel is being used. A larger tank means refilling less frequently, but more gas when refilling. Fuel is expensive and emits a lot of pollution as well. This is probably not the mower for you if you are looking for a powerful mower. Swisher Response Zero ZTR2454BS turn mower is fast, big, and very user-friendly.

Key Features: –
  • 24 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine
  • 54 Inches Cutting Width
  • 8 Gallons Fuel Capacity
  • Rapid response control system
Pros : –
  • The fuel tank is large
  • Fast
  • Great maneuverability:
Cons : –
  • The fuel consumption is more

7. Ariens Zoom 42 915213


The Ariens Zoom 42 915213 is the zero-turn riding lawn mower with a compact deck which makes it easy to cut through the marrow portions of the yards for the operator. The padded seats provides the operator a luxurious comfort. There are 7 different positions of cutting that this machine offers and they can be easily operated and adjusted with an intuitive deck lift which is operated by foot.  There is a 4-point professional deck which provide a stable ride to the operator and also provide consistent results.

Ariens Zoom 42 915213 looks attractive with traditional saffron and Ariens black colour. This machine has a 1.5” x 1.5″ steel frame and stamped Xlerator 42″ deck. This machine weighs 440-pounds. The stamped steel makes it such lightweight and to provide long-lasting performance. The foot-operated deck helps you in adjusting the height of cutting in between 1.5″ and 4.5″ with each step adding 0.5″ to the deck height.


Ariens Zoom 42 lawn mower comes with a 19- Hp Kohler 6000 engine which comes along with a Hydro-gear EZT transmission. This zero-turn lawn mower has the speed of 6 mph and the reverse speed of 3 mph. the mower provides stability even on the inclines. It also provides smooth acceleration and thus there is no jarring at the start or the end.

Key Features : –
  1. The Ariens Zoom 42 915213 is powered by a 19-HP / 660 cc Kohler 6600 V-twin engine which is professionally graded.
  2. This machine is a zero-turn riding lawnmower and has huge 42-inch stamped deck which is made of 12- gauge tough steel.
  3. This machine also provides cutting heights with precision in a nice range which is offered by the deck lift which is operated by foot.
  4. This machine provides luxurious comfort to the operator with its High-backed padded seats.
  5. This machine comes with a handy deck-height lever which helps the operator in adjusting the deck height as per their requirements.
  6. There is a deck wash-out port that makes cleaning easy for the operator.
  7. This machine also comes with a trailer hitch.
Pros : –
  • Smooth and quiet running engine.
  • 19 HP Kohler 6000 cylinder engine.
  • Foot operated lever for adjusting the deck height
  • The armrest can be adjusted in 3 ways
  • This machine comes with sliding adjustable seats
  • Highly comfortable
  • 3 years warranty
Cons : –
  • Exhaust gets heated
  • The tall and the damped grass are difficult to cut.



Coming from Troy-Bilt, a firm known for its aggressively low price, the 17ADCACT066 receives a high score as one of today’s best value for money. It is an entry-level zero turn mower designed on properties small to moderately sized for beginners and advanced users alike.

We suggest it for use about 1-4 acres on lawns, but there will be no problem handling even more ground. Because of its size, it features a powerful engine and its 46 “mowing deck which with no problem helps in eating through all forms of grass, twigs, and weeds. The lap bar is highly adjustable and adapts to the specific size of the rider to make riding more comfortable than painful. All things considered, for those seeking to upgrade from a traditional pusher or a smaller rider, the Mustang is a great purchase.


The Mustang 17ADCACT066 is Troy-Bilt’s highly coveted zero turn mower. The blend of affordability and high-performance quality makes this one of today’s model’s most sought after. Even at its low price, with a fast smooth response to turns and a very fast rotation speed, the Mustang performed better than our expectations. Although its versatility is limited to lawn mowing, mulching and bagging, it is great to accomplish its tasks quickly and consistently. This machine ate through grass at a high rate much faster than any tractor or pushing mower with a max speed of 7 MPH and a dual-bladed 46 “cutting deck.

The hydrostatic transmission was perfected through the many generations that came before this one, and this is illustrated by the mower’s overall performance. We assume that this zero turn mower is one of today’s best deals on the market.

Key Features: –
  • 25 HP Engine
  • 54 Inches Cutting Width
  • 8 Gallons Fuel Capacity
  • Equipped with Power Take Off technology for quick start
Pros : –
  1. 24 Horsepower V-twin overhead valve engine which is extremely capable.
  2. The Dual Hydro Gear EZT Hydrostatic Transmission from Troy-Bilt enables you to change speed on the go.
  3. Any kind of budget is affordable.
  4. Mows much more easily than any tractor or mower which is pushed.
  5. Smaller than most mowers with zero turn.
  6. Turning responds well to the dictation of drivers.
Cons : –
  1. Weak frame does not allow you to pull objects and a trailer hitch is not included.
  2. Seat is heavily backed and difficult to turn in.
  3. The frame is not made of steel and under pressure will be weakened.

The combination of low-pricing and quick mowing from Mustangs makes this one of the most requested models and finding one in stock will be challenging.

9. Poulan Pro 967330901 P46ZX


The Poulan Pro P46ZX mowers are powerful and always ready to do the work faster than thought. All of these lawnmowers are very innovative and show a lot of creativity when it comes to do the work faster and in time. This mower is the zero turn mower and has some of the most advanced features that too in a budget price. This will make you lower your work effort and also will save a lot of your time by cutting down the working time considerably. This machine will last for many years as it is made with durable and strong materials. This machine is one the smartest buys in the list of lawn mowers.

This machine comes with 22-HP powerful Briggs and Stratton engine which is one of the leading providers of the engine in the market with decades of experience in crafting engines that exceed expectations. With the precision of this machine, you will be able to cut down the time of your mowing. This machine’s compact design helps the machine gets in and out without any difficulty in the tightest areas.

Key Features : –
  • This machine has the capability of cutting up to 2.4 acres in one hour.
  • This machine has a side located fuel tank with a capacity of 3.5 gallons
  • It comes with the powerful 22-HP Briggs and Stratton engine
  • This machine has a 12v battery included
  • It has one cylinder which comes with the displacement of 724 cc.
  • The machine has 2 blades of reinforced steel and a cutting deck of 46 “
  • The power of this engine is 22 HP and the forward and reverse speed are 0 – 6 mph and 0-3 mph respectively.
  • The engine is cooled with air and the engine is lubricated with oil filter.
  • They also have fan-cooled pumps
  • They also have manually controlled deck lifting system and a deck wash port and the deck is powder-coated.
  • This machine provides comfort to the operator with a vinyl seat with 15″ high back and also a cup holder and dual levers that has foam-padded hand grips.
  • This machine weighs 430 lbs and the base dimensions are 75” x 58” x 44”.
Pros : –
  • 22 horsepower engine of Briggs and Stratton
  • 46-inch cutting deck with 2 reinforced steel blades
  • The 11-inch front tyre and 18-inch rear tyres.
  • Comfortable and luxurious seat with high back
Cons : –
  • Instead of steering wheel bars are used to guide the apparatus.



When the talk comes to a good mower, Ariens is also one of the satisfactory examples of mowers shining in the marketplace of modern times. The main significant advantage in this mower is that it allows you to push the mower in reverse to a speed of 4MPH in both FWD and RWD in motor vehicles, it allows you to reverse the mower with such excessive speed now. Within an hour, you can easily move four acres. Yeah, I’m right because this mower has a 60-inch deck made of 10-gage metal with a spindle ball bearing to allow you to mow that whole lot within an hour.

In all probability, this mower has the best slicing height efficiency compared to alternative mowers; this zero flip mower has 15 slicing height that can be changed by using the foot-operated lifting system without any problems. Luckily, the mower does not have any conservation issues because the mower has a belt panic mechanism which controls the belt and a lubricant kit which keeps the components perfectly oiled. With a 25HP Kohler engine, the mower has designed a V-twin system to make the engine more compact and deliver high-quality power outcomes.

Key Features : –
  • The Ariens Apex comes with a 25 Horsepower engine.
  • To tackle the tough mowing conditions this machine has got 10-gauge welded deck and reinforced leading edge to provide the required airflow.
  • This machine has a filtration package that provides extra protection to provide high productivity and powerful performance.
  • This machine has an easy deck lift system that is operated by foot and this deck lift system provides 15 cutting positions with a vertical selection of pin
  • To keep the deck belt tension constant it comes with a self-adjusting belt tension technology. It also increases the belt life and minimizes the wear and quality cut and that too with minimal adjustments.
  • The aluminium spindle is maintenance-free and reduces the temperature of the bearing so that it could be operated in cool temperature.
  • To increase the load capacity and the torque this machine is designed with hydro-gear Zt-3100 Transaxles which also reduces the vibration and provide smooth control.
  • To provide premium comfort to the operator there is an adjustable high-back seat which has padded armrests.
  • To support the loads of the machine with strength and stability it comes with minimal welds and tubular frame rails.
Pros : –
  • It provides reverse movement
  • This machine has cutoff transfer
Cons : –
  • The machine makes lot of noise when operated.

What to look for in a Zero Turn Lawn Mower? (Buying Guide)

Picking out a lawn mower is a critical task which is feared by many consumers. Lawn Mowers are pretty costly so most people cannot afford to buy a new one soon if one goes wrong. There are many things that you should look for in a lawn mower while you are choosing a lawn mower for personal or commercial purposes. You should not worry about choosing a lawn mower as we are going to tell you about which aspects you should consider while picking out a zero turn lawn mower for your home or business.

Here are some of the features that you should look for in a zero turn lawn mower: –

Engine Horse Power

Just like a car or a bike, a lawn mower is also powered by an engine. The engine is an essential part of the lawn mower since it gives it the power to move forward as well as to cut the grass. The measure of an engine’s performance is its Horse Power or HP. A higher Horse Power means that the engine is more powerful. You should always go for lawn mowers with higher horse power engines because it will increase the speed and efficiency of the process of clearing up your lawn.

Cutting Width

Another factor to look for in a lawn mower is its cutting width. Cutting width is the area which is covered by the blades of the lawn mower. You should always look for lawn mowers with larger cutting widths since the larger the cutting width of the mower is, more the area it will cover in one round. This means that you would be able to cover a higher width of land in a single round so you will have to go for lesser number of rounds to clear up your lawn. However, a larger cutting width doesn’t always prove to be good since it makes it difficult for you to reach some corners of the lawn due to the large cutting width.


Just like any other motor vehicle, a lawn mower also needs a transmission to operate. There are different kinds of transmissions for different purposes. If you are only buying the zero turn lawn mower for residential purposes, then you should opt for a lower transmission lawn mower. However, if you are buying a lawn mower for commercial purposes, then you should opt for a mower with a higher and powerful transmission. If you buy a lower level transmission for a higher property, then it can prove to be a mistake since you will have to spend more money on repairs than you would’ve spent on a higher transmission lawn mower.

Fuel Capacity

Fuel capacity is also an important factor that is often overlooked while buying a zero turn lawn mower. If you are buying a zero turn lawn mower for commercial purposes where you have to clear up huge fields of grass in one go, then you should definitely opt for a lawn mower with a higher capacity fuel tank (greater than 4 gallons). However, if you are looking for a lawn mower for residential purposes, then you can buy a lower capacity lawn mower since you won’t go through all of the fuel in one go. In either case, it doesn’t hurt to have a higher capacity fuel tank since you won’t have to refuel it every time.


While looking for a zero turn lawn mower, or any kind of lawn mower, people often don’t check the weight of the lawn mower before buying it. You should always buy a lighter lawn mower if you plan to use it on large fields at it can be transported easily and lighter mowers generally have better pickup too.

These were the five parameters that you should check in a zero turn lawn mower before buying it. You should opt for a zero turn lawn mower that gives you the perfect balance of all these features in your budget. Additionally, you should also check user reviews of every product that you are considering as they tell you about the experience of people who are using it themselves.


In this article, we listed ten of the best zero turn lawn mowers in the market under $5000. We also told you about the features, pros, and cons of each of the products. Among the ones we’ve listed, the top pick was the Husqvarna 967271501 due to its design and performance. The best premium option was the Ariens 25HP lawn mower due to its big cutting radius and huge fuel tank. However, the product that offered the best value for money was the Poulan Pro P46Z Briggs V-Twin lawn mower which provides a quick mowing experience at an affordable price point.